review: the nest maker mixer

We recently got the chance to attend The Nest Maker Mixer, hosted by the editors of The Nest and blogger/interior stylist Hannah Kate Flora in the incredible headquarters of The Nest & XO Group. Attendees had the chance to sample sweet treats and create their very own DIY projects with the pros. Although we didn't get a chance to meet Hannah Kate, we did get to chat with Heather Morgan Shott, site director of The Nest.

The views from the office were amazing.

First off, I loved the "make it! 'gram it! tweet it!" flyers that encouraged all the crafters to tag @TheNest and #TNCrafts in their social media posts. We walked in to find 3 unique DIY stations that featured coasters, lampshade & glass centerpiece crafts.

Molly and I arrived a bit late so I'm not entirely sure if each of the projects was explained. It kind of seemed like everyone was just getting their craft on in their own way. We each made a set of cute cork coasters. What I learned later on (thanks to Google!) was that each of the crafts corresponded with a different video tutorial on The Nest. I wish they would have show these at the event - would have been so cute if they played these tutorials at each of the craft stations.

For those of you who missed the event, you can still check out these great and simple DIY projects here (coasters, lampshade, glass centerpiece).

I was most excited about getting a chance to see inside the XO Group headquarters; the voeur in me was estatic at the chance to see where the "magic happens" for The Knot and The Nest (their other branches, not so much at this point in my life!) The offices did not disappoint - I loved the inspiration tear shees osted on the walls, and that I spied some of my favorite brands, like Confetti System, sprinkled throughout the space.

The kitchen/reception area where the event was held was fantastic! Sweeping views of lower Manhattan into Brooklyn, and cabinets that were an organized person's dream.

As a cupcake lover, I was immediately drawn to the darling cupcakes of Butter & Scotch. I had heard of these confections before, but never had the chance to taste them, and boy had I been missing out! There were two flavors - strawberry & lemon-lavender. Both were incredible; sweet enough to satisfy but so subtle in their flavors that they weren't overwhelming. I spoke with "Scotch" who explained to me that instead of flavored syrups or extracts, they use as many real ingredients as possible, hence the deliciously subtle flavors of the lemon-lavender cupcake (my favorite). I can't wait to visit them at Smorgasburg soon to try more of their tasty creations!

Buenos Angie's had the most adorable set up ever, which I stupidly did not take a picture of. I could not resist the adorably petite Argentine alfajores de maizena, aka a cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche and garnished with coconut flakes. I'm not a big fan of coconut, but these were yummy!

Can't wait to see what the XO Group has in store for us this fall! We'll definitely be attending their future events and you should too!

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