review: c. wonder sample sale

At lunch I stopped by the C. Wonder sample sale. After visiting the last few days of the sale last year, and walking out with a great gift item, I was excited to see what I would find this time around. I was so happy to see that the weather had deterred most from heading out to the sale. There was absolutely no line at 1:00pm and plenty of merchandise to be had. The sale was crowded with shoppers but not overwhelming.

In my opinion the best deal was on necklaces, which cost only $18 a piece. I spotted this gorgeous crystal necklace and this sparkly bib both in perfect condition. I definitely wish I would've had more time to shop this section! It seemed that they were restocking this section as well as a few others.

I walked out with some great monogrammed stationery (you can never have too much!) and an adorable cross-body bag that I seriously regretted not purchasing in maroon when it was available in store.

Since Holly had some luck at the sale on her lunch break, I decided to check it out for myself. I arrived at around 6:30pm and there was no line...it was horrible outside so that was probably why. 

Considering how much stock there was, the sale was pretty well organized and fairly easy to navigate. The people working the sale were helpful; one even went downstairs to check if there were any more of an item I was interested in (sadly she returned empty handed). It is easy to be overwhelmed at a sale like this, but I restrained myself from frivolous spending.

I've been in the market for a new wallet since October, so at $25 picking one up was a no-brainer. I was initially drawn to a leopard patterned one, but decided the logo treatment wasn't for me. I decided on a chic white snakeskin print that will be perfect for summer. The only other purchase I made was a $15 ring box with a bow atop it - perfect for the birthday gift I plan on giving my goddaughter. There were racks of clothing still left when I checked out, and the housewares tables were being restocked constantly while I was shopping, so I will definitely pop into the sale at least once more before it ends.

There's still time to shop the sale - April 15th thru April 19th, 10am-8pm & April 20th, 10am-3pm at 260 Sample Sale - 260 Fifth Ave (Between 28th & 29th), New York


dolce & gabbana and harper's bazaar

Last week Dolce & Gabbana and Harper's Bazaar invited us to celebrate their 2014 Women to Watch: Sue Kroll, Desiree Gruber and Cristiana Falcone. Laura Brown, Executive Editor at Harper's Bazaar, played hostess and she was just as funny as she seems on her social channels & web-series, The Look. We made sure to take a few photos of our favorite items & details from the Dolce & Gabbana Fifth Avenue flagship. Check out our Instagram for more behind the scenes photos from the event.

Image Map


scout: slip on sneakers

I'm not a huge sneakers gal, but I love the idea of pairing fun slip-ons with leather pants or a flirty skirt for a casual weekend look. I had been looking into a few pairs of athletic inspired shoes, but I just couldn't justify spending a lot of money. I recently spotted these slip-on sneakers at my local H&M store and I absolutely had to have them. Will you splurge or save on trendy sneakers this spring?


thoughts on fashion week & instagram

I first noticed it Friday, February 7th during my usual morning Instagram scroll-through. My feed was full of variations on the same scene. All the bloggers that I normally enjoy following were inundating my feed with images from New York Fashion Week: blurry shots from a runway, group photos of "street style," mentions of hotels where they were staying and restaurants they were dining at. Some were even posting multiple images in minutes. Since many of the most popular bloggers are now "friends," they all tend to post the same picture when they're together. I found myself un-following a lot of people temporarily to ensure that the pictures my friends posted didn't get lost in all of the fashion week related hashtags and posts.

While part of me thinks it is great the Internet and social media has made fashion shows accessible to the public, I find myself starting to agree with the designers who are kindly asking for people not to use their cell phones. Isn't it so much more exciting when the buzz of how great a collection is builds, and then finally, finally the images show up on style.com? Blurry second or third row photography doesn't do the beautiful designs and craftsmanship justice. I'd advise fashion week attendees to enjoy the full experience as shows only last for a short time.

Laura Pantin, Lucky Market Editor, really said it best; "I personally am on kind of Fashion Week overload, and I just don't want to see it on my social media feeds so much, which made me want to post about it less. I'm also of the feeling that if you don't get a really beautiful show, you shouldn't post anything. Enough blurry smears on Instagram!"

What do you think about the use of Instagram during New York Fashion Week?


scout: dressed up layers

A few months ago Molly sent me a photo of Natalie Joos wearing a turtleneck under a strapless dress. The layered pale pink turtleneck and Mary Katrantzou dress (similar here) made for a really amazing outfit.

image via vogue.com

Since then, I've noticed that Zara has also embraced the layered turtleneck-over-dress look. Zara's take is more neutral and perhaps a bit more practical as well.

I have a few strapless dresses & tissue turtleneck tees that would be great for recreating this look, although I wouldn't mind purchasing one of the above dresses! I'm sure we'll see another version of this look in Feburary during MBFW.



As January comes to a close, I thought it was about time that we discuss resolutions. The end of January for resolutions? you may ask - but hear me out. Resolutions are often created in the first days of January, when you are tired (and let's be honest, hungover!) from the holiday season and ringing in the new year with family & friends. Resolutions made in this way are often a little too lofty, so I like to take the month of January to "test out" resolutions and see what I can stay on track with throughout the year, and what I can't. While aspirational, I also think it is important for resolutions to be attainable.

1. Cook more often. I have a binder filled with recipes waiting to be tried. But as someone whose family owns restaurants, cooking has never really been a thing for me. But this is the year things will change! I got a food processor and a beautiful cast iron skillet for Christmas, so I'm excited to put those to use. And I am proud to say that I have already cooked a number of meals this month! Subscribing to food52.com's email list and checking out blogs like Skinny Taste are great for inspiration.

yummy mashed potato cakes with broccoli and cheese via food52.com

2. Work out more frequently. I had gotten into a nice running routine this past fall, but the stress of getting acclimated to my new job and colder weather helped end this healthy habit. The gym I belong to occupies the bottom corner of my apartment building, and I walk past it at least twice a day, so there is really no excuse not to go. I would also love to expand my workout repertoire and check out classes at Chaise Fitness, U! Yoga NYC, and Sal Anthony's Movement Salon.

 I have no idea what these people are doing at 
Chaise Fitness, but it looks like it's good for toning!

3. Save more. Living in a city like New York really takes a chunk out of your wallet. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this city and there is nowhere else I would rather be living, but a brunch here, a sample sale there, and then rent, groceries, and being alive in general add up quickly. I receive emails from LearnVest to help me stay on track, and plan to put the 50/30/20 budget rule to good use.

I've always loved a good chart via LearnVest

4. Explore New York more. There are so many wonderful things to explore in this city, many for free, and I definitely do not take advantage of them. I also get an awesome corporate discount at many museums here, so there is no excuse not to go! This article really inspired me to get out more and try new things.

5. Spend more time on hobbies. I used to do a lot of painting, sketching and photography, and I would love to get back into that. I have a sewing machine at my mom's that I still haven't used. I also plan to actually get prints of the photos I take and fill actual photos albums. It's just so much better to be flipping through the physical pictures, instead of viewing a slideshow on a screen.

6. Blog more consistently. I'll be honest - blogging while working full time takes a lot of dedication and time management, something I have definitely been slacking on. I too could be photographed every day in perfect hair and makeup with a fabulous outfit, if I only didn't have to be in an office for at least 8 hours of the day! Not to knock bloggers who have managed to make a career out of it, but it is much easier to create content for posts when you aren't confined withing the walls of an office all day, five days a week.

What are your resolutions and goals for 2014?


events tab

We try to attend one fun event per week. To be honest, it's not always easy to squeeze in our calendar and sometimes I'd rather spend the evening with my Netflix queue. With that being said, it's definitely nice to have a little something fun to look forward to during the work week and nine times out of ten we wind up having a really great time.

That's why we've decided to include a new events tab at the top of our page; it's a great way for us to keep track of eveything that's going on and keep YOU in the loop too!

Have events that you'd like us to include or notice something that we missed? Send an email to scoutsendreceive {at} gmail {dot} com with all the info or tweet us @scoutsndreceive
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