review: club monaco sample sale 2013

Holly: Normally I'm not a huge fan of the Clothingline Sample Sales but this time Molly and I both had some good luck! We showed up a little bit before six and walked out with our bags a half hour later. The line was about sixty people long but it moved at a pretty decent pace; I was kind of surprised it was so short considering that items were further marked down on Wednesday.

When we got inside I immediately noticed the abundance of size 12s, which is something that I also spotted at this same sale during the spring. Usually Clothingline provides makeshift dressing rooms but this time there were absolutely no try-ons, which explained why there were so many pairs of pants still up for grabs. I was pretty overwhelmed as there wasn't any consistent organization at this sale; in one section there was a grouping of all of the same dresses and on another there were miscellaneous samples and all different pieces hanging on the same rack. According to Racked, the sale will be restocked all week with the exception of the jewelry and accessories (Note: skip that section anyway since most items are very outdated or broken).

I purchased this awesome white jacket that will be
perfect for layering in the spring. I'd wear it layered
over a dress or with ankle length pants.
-kassandra jacket-

Molly: This was actually my first time at a Clothingline Sample Sale, and though the space was much larger and it was easier to sort through racks, I much prefer the more intimate sales, such as those held at 260 Sample Sale. Like Holly mentioned, the biggest problem at this sale was the lack of fitting rooms, and the strict rules against trying items on in front of mirrors. There were some pants in interesting materials and fabrics, but without being able to try on, Holly and I immediately skipped them. 
 This pair caught our attention but we had to 
leave it on the rack since there were no fitting rooms.

Most of the items were on the summery side of the color and pattern scale - pastels, neons, tropical prints - so if you're looking to stock up for Spring/Summer 2014 it might be worth checking out. A good piece of advice for this sale is to keep your eyes peeled. Like Holly noted some of the racks were less organized than others, so its easy to miss unique pieces. One of the items I bought was spotted in someone else's arms at the pay counter in front of me. I kept my eye on her and as soon as I noticed she didn't take it, I snagged it. Sequins and feathers are also a good indication of a unique item. 

Despite not being that impressed with the sale, I walked away with a knit peplum top that I can't wait to layer over a turtleneck, a bold black and white striped jacket perfect for work, and a cute journal that I plan on using for tracking my 25th year, all for $60.

The Club Monaco sample sale runs through Friday November 1. Wed-Friday 11am-7pm. Clothingline, 261 W. 36th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves. For a more detailed rundown of stock & pricing check out Racked.


scout: maeve at anthropologie

It's no secret that over here at scout.send.receive. we love Anthropologie. It is impossible to walk into an Anthro store and not feel inspired by the amazing windows, ingenious product displays and the clever styling of the clothing. I almost certainly purchase at least one item every time I walk into the store, whether it be a quirky-yet-practical skirt, or a calendar with images so beautiful they are begging to be framed.

Because it is a multi-brand store, my collection of clothing from Anthropologie consists of a variety of brands, from the more mainstream like Tracy Reese, to independent brands like Anthro-exclusive Edme & Esyllte (I'm wearing this dress as I write this post!)

But on one of my most recent shopping trips, I purchased two dresses by the brand Maeve and found myself obsessing over almost every other item in their collection (taryn crepe shift $118 & galina dress $128).


How could you not be obsessed with this dress? Sequined zebras are okay in my book! I think that this skirt would be surprisingly versatile in a wardrobe.

I think that this skirt would be surprisingly versatile in a wardrobe, and this shift dress is perfect for work when accessorized with a statement necklace.

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