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I first noticed it Friday, February 7th during my usual morning Instagram scroll-through. My feed was full of variations on the same scene. All the bloggers that I normally enjoy following were inundating my feed with images from New York Fashion Week: blurry shots from a runway, group photos of "street style," mentions of hotels where they were staying and restaurants they were dining at. Some were even posting multiple images in minutes. Since many of the most popular bloggers are now "friends," they all tend to post the same picture when they're together. I found myself un-following a lot of people temporarily to ensure that the pictures my friends posted didn't get lost in all of the fashion week related hashtags and posts.

While part of me thinks it is great the Internet and social media has made fashion shows accessible to the public, I find myself starting to agree with the designers who are kindly asking for people not to use their cell phones. Isn't it so much more exciting when the buzz of how great a collection is builds, and then finally, finally the images show up on style.com? Blurry second or third row photography doesn't do the beautiful designs and craftsmanship justice. I'd advise fashion week attendees to enjoy the full experience as shows only last for a short time.

Laura Pantin, Lucky Market Editor, really said it best; "I personally am on kind of Fashion Week overload, and I just don't want to see it on my social media feeds so much, which made me want to post about it less. I'm also of the feeling that if you don't get a really beautiful show, you shouldn't post anything. Enough blurry smears on Instagram!"

What do you think about the use of Instagram during New York Fashion Week?

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly--- let's limit the random shots of nothing from FW. In the past when I've attended, I made sure to only post photos from shows where I was lucky enough to sit front row and get some amazing photos on my SLR. Now that I don't attend, I only talk about the shows that really mean something to me. Otherwise it is just tooooooo much of the same.


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